Marie-Caroline Willms


Marie-Caroline brings to each project her take on a wide-ranging curiosity about all matters esthetic. She creates spirited and bold interiors and loves experimenting with materials to surprise with unexpected solutions.

Her interiors reflect international flair, great sensitivity and elegant proportions but above all great comfort with style. Marie-Caroline´s goal is to achieve interiors that become timeless with tons of personality that you want to belong to for a lifetime.

Not over-designed, not pretentious but a charming mismatch of layers, all which strike contrast and interest to the spaces seen.

To create one harmonious atmosphere witch is in sync with the mood of the person within it.

These are a result of continuous conversations with the client:

“I pay a lot of attention to a detailed brief of a “typical day” in the life of my client and how and when they move around their home and garden. Understanding the clients´ lifestyle plays a major role in the space planning and distribution because a persons movement in the designed layouts must feel as a natural flow.”

Marie-Caroline has worked on projects across Europe in Germany, UK, Austria, Italy, Spain from private residences, offices, hotels, a yacht, private planes, a cruise liner to a private Island.

Marie-Caroline has lived in Germany, Austria, USA, Luxembourg, Great Britain, Italy and Spain. She went to study interior design at Inschbald in London and concluded her Master Degree in Florence. She continued her career in Munich where she worked at Hahne & Schönberg showroom and Joachim Schoenberg. Next stop was working for Candy&Candy in London until she founded her own interior design company “EMCI” in 2009.

EMCI design studio adopts a tailored and highly artistic approach to every project. Our team specializes in creating truly unique architectural and interior design solutions. Working across all business sectors, we employ a breadth of expertise that ensures Architecture, Furnishings, Lighting, Product and Accessory Designs combined together seamlessly and elegantly to create turnkey world class properties.

We work with the client from inception to completion to provide a bespoke and highly professional design service.



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